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Meet Carson Davis

Find a unique field of endeavor, one that you can love, and strive to be the best!

    Inspired by the advice of the family doctor at the age of 16, Terry “Carson” Davis left the safety of traditional employment options available to him as a college graduate and challenged himself by entering the field of commercial real estate. Early achievements soon turned his curiosity into a passion and, in time, hard work and experience has turned his passion into success for hundreds of satisfied clients.
    Today Carson Davis is the chief operating officer of one the most successful independent commercial real estate sales and development companies in Louisiana. His agency is the only home-owned real estate company in Tangipahoa Parish, and he continues to play a major role in the development of his own hometown of Hammond, Louisiana.

Find a unique field of endeavor,

    Terry “Carson” Davis was born January 6, 1946 in Hammond, Louisiana. After graduating from high school at Independence High in Independence, Louisiana in 1964, he attended Southeastern Louisiana University and earned a degree in Political Science and a minor in English. In his often humble style, Carson says of his college education, “I tell my friends that I never ran for office, and I sometimes speak broken English.”
    Following in the custom of many of his peers, he went onto work for a local manufacturing plant and remained there for three years. “During this time, I took the advice of my family doctor and began to research other career opportunities. I wanted to do something distinctive—something not many people do. I studied the real estate field and eventually narrowed my search down to the commercial investment specialty,” Carson said.

… one that you can love,

    He then joined Landry & Passman Real Estate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a salesman. Despite limited training and no experience he established himself in the field of real estate by selling over 3.5 million in properties in his first 12 months on the job. Inspired by his obvious enthusiasm and hard work Developer Louis Landry sent Carson to the Bob Brooks School of Real Estate to further his formal education, and more importantly, he began mentoring Carson on all the aspects of commercial development and investment. “I got to see close-up the complete development process, and it was during this time that I learned how to determine the value of a piece of property,” Carson recalls.
    Following a seven-year career with Passman and Landry, Carson obtained his Broker’s License in 1978 and a year later, he founded Carson Davis Real Estate in Hammond, Louisiana. He hit the ground running and put his training and experience to work to bring more development and innovation to the City of Hammond. He was the first to introduce the “Condominium Concept” to local small businesses that made office space more affordable. Other developers followed suit and now many businesses are benefiting from this progressive model. “Back in 1984, land had become so expensive in the Hammond area that most small businesses or those contemplating starting one could not afford the average monthly cost of $1,500 for land and a building. We took a concept that had been successful in Baton Rouge and brought it to Hammond. Our first development called Dublin Square featured 12 office suites that were affordable at around $500 to $600 a month and sold out as quickly as we could finish building them. Everybody made money and the small business community now had an affordable real estate option as other developers began to model our success,” Carson explained.

… and strive to be the best!

    Building on his initial accomplishments, Carson’s skill, hard work, and genuine concern for his clients have resulted in the creation of numerous small and large successful commercial and industrial developments throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and especially in Hammond, Louisiana and the surrounding areas of Tangipahoa Parish. Today Carson Davis is the independent leader for all your commercial real estate sales and development solutions in the Hammond area.

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